What is a smart grid?



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    A smart grid is a setup for delivering energy from where it is generated to where it is used. Energy is delivered via two systems: a transmission system and a distribution system. The transmission system takes energy from power plants to distribution substations. The distribution system transfers energy from distributions substations to consumers.

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    What Is the Smart Grid?
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    Many people are asking, “What is the Smart Grid?” Many more are trying to define it with short “sound bite” descriptions. These short statements cannot adequately convey the level of detail needed to provide a clear understanding. The Smart Grid isn’t a thing but rather a vision and to be complete, that vision must be expressed from various perspectives – its values, its characteristics, and the milestones for achieving it.

    Smart Grid Values

    The transformation to the Smart Grid will require new investment and commitment by its many stakeholders. These stakeholders expect significant value in return. Understanding how this value will be created is an important step in defining the vision. Expectations for the Smart Grid are great and will be realized through advances in each of the six value areas described below:

    It must be more reliable. A reliable grid provides power, when and where its users need it and of the quality they value.
    It must be more secure. A secure grid withstands physical and cyber attacks without suffering massive blackouts or exorbitant recovery costs. It is also less vulnerable to natural disasters and recovers quickly.
    It must be more economic. An economic grid operates under the basic laws of supply and demand, resulting in fair prices and adequate supplies.
    It must be more efficient. An efficient grid employs strategies that lead to cost control, minimal transmission and distribution losses, efficient power production, optimal asset utilization while providing consumers options for managing their energy usage.
    It must be more environmentally friendly. An environmentally friendly grid reduces environmental impacts thorough improvements in efficiency and by enabling the integration of a larger percentage of intermittent resources than could otherwise be reliably supported.
    It must be safer. A safe grid does no harm to the public or to grid workers and is sensitive to users who depend on it as a medical necessity.

    Smart Grid Principal Characteristics

    “The Smart Grid can be considered a “transactive” agent. That is, it will enable financial, informational, as well as “electrical” transactions among consumers, grid assets, and other authorized users. Its functionality is defined by the following seven principal characteristics:”

    Consumers will be more involved in the “electric markets”; they can monitor their consumption of electricity and can even sell it back on the grid.

    It will accommodate almost all storage and generation options; Adaptable to old, new, and future electric technologies

    It will support the creation of new electricity markets from the home energy management system at the consumer’s premise to technologies that allow consumers and third parties to bid their energy resources into the electricity market.

    It will monitor, diagnose, and respond to power quality deficiencies resulting in a dramatic reduction in the business losses currently experienced by consumers due to insufficient power quality.

    Optimize efficiency; The availability of additional grid intelligence will give planners and engineers the knowledge to build what is needed when it is needed, to extend the life of assets, to repair equipment before it fails unexpectedly, and to more effectively manage the work force.

    It will perform self continuous assessments, constantly repairing itself and can also handle electric-related-problems too large or too fast for humans.

    the Smart Grid will operate resiliently against attack and natural disaster

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