What is the smallest type of apple?



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    Well, the smallest type of apple, Heteromeles Arbutifolia, looks more like a berry than an apple (it grows on a shrub). Lady Apples is one of the smaller apples that actually looks like an ordinary apple. This is a Lady Apple:

    Another well known small apple is the Crabapple, but the fruit is very sour. 

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    Of late, science has managed to produce smaller apples than nature could ever give us through the crazy technology that is fruit hybridization. Hybrid breeds of apple, particularly the grapple (a grape and an apple), are crazy small.

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    The Heteromeles Arbutifolia is the smallest type of apple grown in the wild. Commonly referred to as the Christmas Berry, it is produced on a bush rather than a tree. The fruit is a member of the apple family, but is more commonly recognized in it’s native California as a berry. It can be smaller than a penny when mature!

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