What is the smallest type of apple?



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    The smallest apple is the toyon, which grows on a shrub and is smaller than a penny.  This tiny fruit is native to California.

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    Greengenie found the smallest apple, it is not very tasty and contains a cyanide compound which can kill you if you eat too many of them.

    I was recently in a grocery store and saw baby grannysmith and baby gala apples.  If you are looking for a good alternative to packing half an apple for your kid’s lunch, check if you have a local grocery store that carries them.

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    The smallest member of the apple family (Rosacea) is the Heteromeles Abrutifolia. This small apple tends to grow on a shrub and is the word’s smallest apple. Commonly known as the toyon or the christmas berry, this fruit is native to California. Despite being in the apple family it is commonly referred to as a berry for these apples are often smaller than pennies. 

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