What is the smallest street legal electric car?



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    Based on battery size and seating, the Smart ED is the smallest electric car as a 2 seater with a 16 kwh battery. The next smallest is the Mitsubishi I at 16 kwh with coupe-style body capable of seating 4 people. The Smart ED is available now while the I will be available in 2010. Other honorable mentions are the Smart City and Mini E electric cars.

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    The smallest electric car that was commercially available in the past is the Corbin Sparrow. However, people can always build smaller cars through the process of conversion. The Sparrow is a popular car in California, and I have seen two of them in real life at the Alameda Fourth of July parade. One year, they had three Sparrows: red, white and blue in the parade. I was not at that year’s parade, but there is an awesome picture of the three Sparrows on the East Bay Electric Auto Association website!

    If you would like to convert a small gas car into an EV, I highly recommend getting in touch with the Electric Auto Association. They have several chapters around the world.

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