What is the smallest solar gadget?



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    I don’t think solar gadgets can get much smaller than these “microbots”! “I-Swarm Bots” (stands for “intelligent small-world autonomous robots for micro-manipulation.”)

    These three-legged solar power droids are no longer than 4mm tall, wide, and long. By themselves, these microbots do not do much, but in a group, they establish a swarm like behavior and intelligence and thus are capable of more complex behaviors.

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    Check out the list here an interesting and useful list of solar devices: http://familyfinances.suite101.com/article.cfm/small_solar_devices_save_money. The smallest solar device I have used is a solar calculator, often given out by real estate agents or other businessmen. In fact, I have one that’s about the size of a playing card, and less than a centimeter thick.

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