What is the smallest primate?



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    this would probably be the pygmy tarsier, which is only about 4 inches in size and weighs maybe 2 ounces. They’re found in the mountains of the island of Sulawesi, in Indonesia. They were though extinct because no one had seen one since 1921, but they were rediscovered in 2008. 

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    The world’s smallest primate is the Pygmy Mouse Lemur from Madagascar. They are about 2.4 inches long and weigh just over 1 ounce!  The Pygmy Mouse Lemur is categorized as endangered.

    The pygmy mouse lemur went missing for over a century.  Photograph: Mark Thiessen/AP/National Geographic. -> guardian uk (via antje, awkwardforever, srslycuteanimals, allcreatures)

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    the Pygmy Mouse Lemur

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    The smallest primate in the world is they pygmy mouse lemur. It is one of eight species of mouse lemurs, and calls Madagascar home. There is little that is known about the endangered species, except for it’s size. The pygmy mouse lemur has a head and body size ranging from 2.25-4.75 inches in length. It’s tail, however, is about 4.75 inches in length on it’s own. The tiny size of the lemur means that it weighs in at 1-4 ounces.


    This is the size of the pygmy mouse lemur compared to a teacup:

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    You can hold this little thing in the palm of your hand!

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