What is the smallest breed of porpoise?



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    The world’s smallest porpoise is the vaquita. It can be found in the waters between Mexico and southern Baja California, and is critically endangered. On average, it is about 4.5-5 ft long and about 110 lbs.

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    The Vaquita has a range that is smaller than Rhode Island and exists in the Gulf Mexico.  They are so rare, that photos of them in the wild are extremely hard to come by.  They are recognized by their black ‘lipstick’ and ‘eyeshadow’.  It is said to be the most critically endangered marine mammal, with speculations of their remaining population around 300… What’s more startling is that there is an estimated 80 of them killed each year by strangulation in fisherman’s nets.

    Here are a couple photos that I stumbled upon.  



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    The Vaquita, a critically endangered species of porpoise native to Mexico, are without doubt the smallest porpoise in the world. Average vaquitas grow to be no longer than five feet and rarely weigh over 110 pounds (with the average vaquita weighing in at around 90-100 pounds).

    There are only between 400 and 250 vaquitas left in the world. Their endangered status is largely the result of destructive fish and shrimp harvesting methods commonly used in the area.

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