What is the smallest breed of chicken?



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    Serama chickens are reputed to be the smallest chickens in the world.  They originated in Malaysia and were introduced in the United States in 2000.  Males range from 350(smallest-750(larger) grams, and females from 325-600g.

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    The Serama breed of bantam chicken is the smallest and lightest in the world. Originating in Malaysia, they typically weigh around 350-450 grams. They are easily recognized by their vertical tail feathers and short legs.

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    Seramas are known as the smallest chickens in the world. Their compact size and quieter rooster crow makes them particularly attractive to urban chicken keepers. The Serama originated from Malaysia and is a relatively new breed to other countries (but growing fast in popularity). In fact it is such a new ‘breed’ that there has not yet been a standard agreed for it although general traits are being promoted such as friendly and confident – they are a little chicken with a big personality!

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