What should the public know about pollution to stay safe?



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    Except for catastrophic spills and the like every day pollution is not an acute health risk for most people. Air and water pollution are hard to avoid and there is evidence that exposure over a lifetime can increase cancer and other disease risk. So don’t go nuts over cutting out every iota of possible exposure from your life but there are a few things to avoid the worst of the exposure.

    Try to avoid the outdoors during the peak part of the day, especially when it is warm outside. This is when the air pollution will be the worst. Try not to live right next door to freeways and other large emitters of air pollution. For water pollution simply get a filter for your home water. Be sure to research the type of filter you get carefully, you might not want a filter that removes EVERYTHING, calcium and fluoride in your water are good for you. For food, buy organic. Then wash your produce with a produce spray to remove any organic pesticides and other dust that has gotten on the fruit in transit. Don’t forget about indoor air quality either. Harsh chemicals and dust can cause problems even indoors. House plants help to reduce air contaminates as do HEPA filters. Anything that has a strong smell is contaminating your indoor air quality. Let new particle board furniture and plastic stuff air out out of doors before bringing it in the house. Remove your dry cleaning from the bag outside of your home. And remember that a little bit of exposure won’t kill you instantaneously.

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