What should I do with old used wax paper?



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    Unfortunately, wax paper just can’t be recycled like regular paper (the wax coating prevents this).  However, if all it has on it is flour or sugar it’s possible to re-use it by wiping it off with a damp cloth.

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    you would have to throw it away im sorry

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    Although waxed paper can’t be recycled, it is possible to reuse it. As another respondent said you can wipe it clean for reuse. I also had a roommate once who used it as a paint pallet—it worked great for mixing water colors. He would also wash it once he was done and reuse it. Once it’s really and truly used up, though, you will have to throw it away unless you can find a use for it that doesn’t require it to be clean.

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    Got pets? Litter box, bedding for hamsters and of the sort. Planters? One could put it at the bottom of pots to prevent some unnecessary leaking. Art projects, car maintenance, bookmarks, there are possibilities when necessity is considered.

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