What should I do with the old tree clippings from my yard?



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    If you compost at all, you can get the tree clippings cut into chips and put them into your compost pile.  Tree clippings add valuable nutrients to the compost mixture and help as a mulch when the compost is added to the soil mixture.

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    If you do not compost, many cities offer free clippings pick up this time of year.  I am unsure what they do with it after it has been picked up though.  Check with your city to see if they offer the service.  

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    It sounds silly, but if you don’t compost, you can post them on craigslist in the free section. Someone might be able to use them. Some smaller tree-trimming business like to take them because they turn them unto mulch or kindling and sell it, so you never know.

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    You can chip the branches make an edible mushroom patch. One way to get started is to lay out the chips in a thick layer in a shaded portion of your yard.  You may then inoculate them with dowel or rope spawn (mushrooms) from Fungi Perfecti.  You’ll then have to water it periodically to maintain their growth.  However, wild mushrooms could colonize your mushroom patch.  Unless you are an expert on fungi you may want to use the chips for indoor mushroom cultivation.   I will post some instructions below.

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