What should I do with old six pack rings?



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    You could either search for a place to recycle them, or you can find ways to reuse them. Bao Khang Luu is a designer who turns useless six pack rings into elegant chandeliers that look like flowers. You could attempt to make a similar design if you have the time. Pictures are included in the citation below.

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      Thanks for the awesome shout out, rocketman! It took me quite a bit of prototyping to get my lighting designs finalized.

      saulpittman, if you do decide to upcycle your six-pack rings just do a search for “six pack ring crafts”. You’ll find lots of fun, easy ideas. There’s also a plastic manufacturer who runs a recycling program (http://www.ringleader.com/program.html)! You’ll find some tips on recycling as well as information on how to join their recycling program.

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    If you send them to recycling, don’t forget to snip the rings in case it doesn’t quite make it to the recycling plant.

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    Definitely recycle them.  They can easily be recycled with any other kinds of plastic.  Just like the above post stated, it’s very important to cut the rings if it somehow make it to the trash.  These plastic rings are very harmful to the environment, especially to the wildlife.  Birds and other animals often get their heads or bodies stuck in the rings, and are seriously injured or killed.  

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