What should I do with old pizza delivery boxes?



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    Most people find it surprising that not all pizza boxes are recyclable even if they are made out of cardboard. The thing is, cardboard with food stains, especially oil stains from the grease of pizza makes it difficult to recycle. Once processed into mush, a mixture of cardboard and water, the oil becomes a hindrance as we all know that oil and water never mix.

    Your best bet would be to cut out the portions of your pizza boxes that are not stained with grease and put them in proper recycling bins along with other recyclable paper materials. As for the parts covered in grease, just make sure to separate them and get rid of them responsibly by throwing them in your generic waste bin. Never mix them with recyclable products just because they are made out of cardboard.

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    You can recycle the parts of the delivery box that are NOT covered with pizza grease, sauce, cheese, or any other pizza-related paraphernalia.

    Recycling the other parts of the box is a bad idea. It will stink up and potentially jam the machines that recycle cardboard.

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