What should I do with old fingernail clippings?



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    Throw them away! I don’t think this is a big concern as far as filling up landfills goes, because the total volume of old fingernail clippings that gets made each year, vs the amount of the same that decomposes, is probably not as out of balance as some other more important to do something green with (like recycle) (and also more abundant in volume) materials like plastics and metals. Fingernails could potentially be used as organic compost, but they probably wouldn’t work all that well (I’d imagine they’d take a long time to decompose and not offer too much in the way of nutrients that plants need)… good try, and keep thinking… but don’t stress out about a green solution to what to do with nail clippings! (as the saying goes, “We have bigger fish to fry!” or how about this way to say it more matter-of-factly: “There are more pressing issues.” Or “There are more important causes than proper fingernail disposal!” 

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