What should I do with old batteries from my car?



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    You should be able to give your old battery to stores or shops that sell car batteries.  There is a good chance they will charge a small recycling fee, but it is a worthwhile investment.  There are chemicals and heavy metals in car batteries that are toxic and flammable.  Fortunately, most of the battery is recyclable and many states make it mandatory to recycle old batteries.

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    ^ exactly. Just recycle(;


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    As MatthewJ said, you can take it back to the place where you bought it. However, I doubt that they will charge you anything to recycle it. Most likely, it will be the other way around since they can use the same material to make new batteries. They may give you a discount on your next battery purchase for bringing in your old one. Lead-acid batteries are very easy to recycle, and thus they also make a great source of power for fully electric vehicles. However, commercially available electric vehicles run on Lithium-ion batteries these days because they are lighter.

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