What should I do with my old solar panels?



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    You can try to resell them or donate them to a charity such as Habitat for Humanity.  I’m sure a charity building organization would love to have them.  You could also ask a family member if they would want to install them on their home.

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    First of all, make sure not to dump them at a landfill as they can contain harmful chemicals like cadmium telluride. There are useful elements such as glass, aluminum, and conductors that can be re-utilized, so safe recycling systems are being pushed on solar panel producers. Some companies have recently emerged that will perform these services.

     First Solar will recycle your Solar Panel cells for you. You can request service here: http://www.firstsolar.com/en/recycle_program.php

    Another company is One Earth Recycling. They generally recycle e-waste but recently began recycling solar panels: http://1earthrecycle.com/pv-recycling/


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