What should I do with my old paint?



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    Uncertainty in the face of paint is a common dilemma, but luckily there are a number of ways to resolve this! If it’s oil-based, it’s hazardous, and should be disposed of at your closest household-hazardous-waste center (if you live in California, Minnesota or Washington, water-based paint should also be disposed of at the household-hazardous waste center). Your paint also might be recyclable, depending on your area. You can call 1-800-253-2687 to find out where your closest household-hazardous-center is, and whether or not your paint is recyclable. And if your paint is relatively new, there is always donation. A local school, charity, or place of worship is a great place to start. The one thing you shouldn’t do is just throw it away – it’s not only bad for the environmental, it’s also often illegal.  Hope this helps!

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    Old paint can be tinted darker if it is a light color or mixed in with latex-based paints. It can also be donated to a local church, theater group, charity, or even your relatives. If none of these options work for you, then you can always drop it off at your local hazardous waste facility. They can recycle your paint for you, or at least dispose of it properly.

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