What should I do with my old neoprene wetsuits?



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    This lady asks the same question, and her commenters reply that they’ve reshaped their wetsuits into do-it-yourself gizmos ranging from cell phone covers to bags that hold your swimming gear.

    Or maybe you could get in touch with either of the companies listed below, and they’ll recycle your wetsuits for you.

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    You may find it hard to connect with an agency which will recycle your old wetsuits for you.  An easier, and more beneficial thing to do would be to donate them.  Your neoprene wetsuits could either be reused as wetsuits, or simply as insulated clothing for the poor and homeless.  People who don’t have the money to buy warm clothes will graciously accept anything that keeps them warm regardless of its fashion appeal.

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    Or if you’re feeling more miserly or are short on funds you can sell them on ebay or craigslist and at the same time help out someone else who may need one but is short on cash.

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    Neoprene can be used to make camera covers, which will pad the equipment.  Straps for cameras or guitars can also be cut from the material and provides a comfy alternative to woven ones.

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