What should I do with my old iPhone when I get the new iPhone 4?



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    If you’re not one of those people with a knack for turning old electronics into whimsical home furnishings (lampshade made of old iPods, etc.), I would recommend recycling it. 

    At the insistence of groups like GreenPeace, Apple has finally instituted a very user-friendly (of-course!) e-waste recycling program which you can participate in either by mailing your old iPhone to a central location or by taking it in person to your local Apple Store.

    Find more information in the link cited below (and have fun with your new iPhone!).

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    You can also sell it on local classified ads or ebay.  There is always a market for cell phone parts (especially mac products).  If it is still working, then you can still get quite a value for your electronics.  

    And as mentioned above, recycling the phone is the next best option.  The worst think you can do is toss it in the trash where it will be landfilled and probably never decompose, and will end up leaching chemicals and pollutants into the soil and surrounding environments.

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    If you’re looking to recycle and don’t want to go through the hassle of mailing your iPhone, you can use the resource provided below to find nearby recycling centers that will accept it.  Simply type in “cell phones”, along with your zip code.

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    If you still have it, check out iphonesintocash.com

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    You could give it to a friend or family member who may have wanted an iPhone but didn’t get one.  You could regift it (depending on the condition of the phone and who you were giving it to (and for what occasion)).  You could sell it via eBay or Craigslist for a portion of what you purchased it for.  You could donate it to organizations like Cell Phones for Soldiers which collect old cell phones and sends them to a company called ReCellular.  ReCellular then pays Cell Phones for Soldiers, who then purchases calling cards for the soldiers.  One phone equals roughly an hour of talk time. 

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