What should I do with my old candles?



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    I love candles, this is such a fun question!  When my candles get down to the very last bit I like to go to Goodwill and find a need little candle holder.  I go to a local craft store and buy a wick and then melt down all of my old candles and put them in the funky new candle holder.  It keeps me from having to spend money on new candles and I get to create something of my own every once in a while!  If this doesn’t excite you I recommend you put them on Craigslist, there are tons of people who use wax.  Hope this helps!

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    A fun craft to try is melting the wax down and creating a new candle out of it. There are lots of sites that offer suggestions on how to do that, and make them look nice, and I cited one of them below.

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    Again on the melting it down theme, I like to melt them and pour the wax into a coated cardboard container (like milk, soy milk or orange juice, just not plastic or it would melt) place in the wick, and add ice cubes to the wax as you pour it into the carton.  Once the wax hardens it will have a cool lacy look.

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