What should I do with my car when it is too old to drive?



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    A good idea would be to donate it to a local charity. Even though it is too old to drive, the parts may have some value and can be sold. The money that is made can be contributed to the organization’s cause. If that doesn’t sound like a good idea, than you can also sell you car to places like pick-a-part; they will pay you a small lump sum for your car so it can be dismantled for the parts.

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    If you want to make a bit of a profit off it, selling for parts is the way to go.  Chances are you’ll be able to get at least a little money for things the mirrors or doors.  You could also donate it.  Some charaties have teamed up with mechanics, and if the cost to make the car safe isn’t too high, sometimes they’ll fix it up and give it to people in need.  

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    If the body and transmission are still good, convert it to an EV! Electric motors last a lot longer than internal combustion engines, so when the body and transmission fail, you can move your motor to another car. I know someone who used the same electric motor in three different cars. Many EV converters like to use their EV on a daily basis and keep an internal combustion engine vehicle around for longer trips. You can choose how much battery power you want based on how far you typically travel each day.

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    You could donate your car, or sell it and use the money to invest in a hybrid! If you plan on not using a car at all, you could donate some of the money to an environmental charity, or try and make your home more energy efficient. The possibilities are endless!

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