What should I do if I have termites in my house?



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    If you are sure that you already have termites, there are some things you can do yourself. The link below has some suggestions. Personally, I would call a company that specializes in pest control to address the current problem and establish some integrated pest management. Termites are very destructive and ruin your home and its value if not properly addressed.

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    If termites are already established, you may have to call an exterminator to get them out of your house. They cause a lot of damage and must be killed.

    Once you have the termites removed, you should replace the areas that have been damaged. Also replace any rotted areas as termites will move back into these areas quickly. When you replace the damaged areas, consider alternative products that are ecofriendly. If the area is a deck, consider using recycled plastic that is made to look like boards – it is very resistent to insects and ecofriendly.

    Keep an eye on the area so you can keep it termite free following getting rid of them.

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      The regular termite remedy involves applying termiticide as being a steady barrier inside the soil around the house, termite baits, installing steady termite shields in the top with the foundation, and/or termite reticulation methods. Other termite treatments contain termiticide foam, utilizing crushed granite (trade title Granitgard) or steel mesh cloth (Termimesh) as a bodily barrier, moisture manage, and wood elimination. A mixture of methods are employed for “integrated pest management,” as lots of occasions just one method is not enough. Knock Down Pest Control Sydney offer pest control for bed bugs, termites, rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants and just about any other pest in your home or business. Visit us online for a guaranteed pest control solution!

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