What should I do if I get mold under my carpet?



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    Getting mold out from carpet can be a tedious job.  On top of which if removal is not done correctly, the odor and mold can come back.  According to the website VacuumCritic, the first thing is to find the perimeter that needs to be cleaned.  This can be determined by smell.  Once the perimeter is established, the extent of the damage needs to be determined by asking these questions, can you see mold stains, is there a mildew smell, is the carpet wet, how long has the mold been there, and to consider if there could be padding damage.  If the carpet is still salvageable clean the moldy area with a professional strength mold cleaner, clean the rest of the carpet, pull out as much water as possible (if there is still water), and try to get air circulation to help dry.  If in doubt it is best to call a professional or you may need to consider replacing the carpet, as some mold damage can’t be removed.

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    In my opinion steam cleaning is the best option to remove mold and mildew, it eliminates scrape marks and swill out dirt or kill mold and mildew at their roots. It is also the best method to work easily and efficiently.I think you should keep dry your carpet after steam cleaning. You can use hot water extraction method to remove dirt, if carpet still smells may be obvious due to over soaking of the carpet, Keep the room as ventilated as possible by opening windows and doors and allow the carpet to dry naturally before deodorizing.

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    Baking soda is a great method to get rid of mold. When using baking soda on your carpets you should dump some baking soda on the effective area. You should use a big amount when doing this. Rub it in slightly with a gloved finger. This really works well on carpets.

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