What should I do if I find a lot of black widows near my house?



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    If you find black widow spiders near or in your house, there are several things to do. First and foremost, to keep black widow spiders from entering the house, seal any holes and/or cracks you might find near wires, windows, doors, etc. You can do this using a caulking gun and sealant (you can purchase these items from you local hardware store). Also make sure to clear any ivy, plants, wood piles, and/or rock piles near your house because spiders are attracted to such things. If you want to get rid of the spiders, the best thing to do is clear away any dust and/or webs you  might see and vacuum up the spider(s) and/or spider sac(s) you may see. Dispose of the vacuum bag afterwards and always make sure to wear shoes when you step outside. 

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    MOVE!  Just kidding.  Make sure that when you are sealing your house and using repellants that you do not get bit by one.  Mire2187 has great advice.  On top of what she shared, would you consider using traps.  Victor makes a natural trap that is sticky and attracks the spider using pheromone scents.  After the spider walks onto the trap they are stuck and usually die in a few days.  

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