What should I do with all my old beer bottle tops?



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    It is always fun to re-purpose stuff that may otherwise be deemed as trash. Beer Masters has a list of ideas for things you can create out of your old beer bottle tops. These range from refrigerator magnets to jewelery.

    Here is another website that’s lists 50 ways to reuse both your your beer bottle caps and your old bottles.

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    Old beer bottle tops can be used to garnish some really cool furniture.  I have a friend who covered the top of a table he built with beer caps and then put a layer of glass over that.  I have also seen them stuck into logs used for seating.  The caps provide a clean surface that will not deteriorate as fast as the rest of the wood.  Although if you don’t want to build anything, you can always recycle the caps.

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    Metal bottle caps, the kind that come from glass soda pop or beer bottles, are notoriously difficult to recycle. The fact that they are tiny and have sharp edges means they can lodge inside and destroy a recycling plant machine. If found inside a recycling bin at a plant, they are often tossed in the garbage. With just a little time and effort, you can recycle or reuse them yourself so that they do not fill up a landfill. There are so many things you can do with them. You can recycle them and use them to make crafts. Contact the Bottle Cap Lure Company (bottlecaplure.com). They purchase metal bottle caps to make fishing lures, and they may be able to use yours. Contact them before you simply mail your bottle caps to them.

    I have included some links that give you ideas on what to do with your old beer bottle caps.

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    If anything u should recycle them. So then it can new reused.

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    My friends used to stick them into their ceiling, but if you want to do something classier (and more awesome) with them, I also really like the idea of repurposing them for crafts.  Here is a great pattern for a crochet’d hotpad made with bottle caps.  With these patterns you can make a butterfly or a pineapple shaped hotpad!

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