What should I consider when I buy an ereader?



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    I don’t have an ereader myself, but the main thing I would consider is the library of available books for each model. Another factor to consider is readability. You’re looking at an electronic screen, so make sure you won’t be doing damage to your eyes.

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    From an environmental standpoint, you ought also to consider the ecological impact of your purchase. If you plan to use your e-reader for hundreds and hundreds of books, then it’s quite a bit greener than buying the paper copies would have been. Roughly speaking, an e-reader has the carbon footprint of about 40-100 paper books (the number depends on how you calculate it).

    Additionally, you might want to consider the differences in ownership between e-reader books and paper books. While you legally own a physical book that you buy, e-reader books that you buy are a little trickier. Amazon (the creator of the Kindle) can, for example, delete any book off your Kindle at any time (this isn’t just some legal possibility; it has happened).

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    The biggest thing to take into consideration is functionality – this includes such factors as number of books available, battery life, ease of use, readability, portability, durability, and possible bells and whistles that you may want with it.  For a comprehensive review of ten e-readers, see the link below.

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