What should go in a kitchen sink garbage disposal ?

My friends say everything…pizza crusts, chicken bones, old veggies, anything and everything organic.. I’m not so sure it’s the right thing to do.



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    The kitchen disposal should be used for small scraps left on plates after eating and other small amounts of food. All of your waste from cooking and any substantial items should not be placed in the disposal. Anything hard like bones should be avoided as well as anything too fiberous like celery and bananas as they can jam up the blade. Starches and coffee grounds should also be avoided because both are notorious for clogging. Anything too big should be cut down to be easily cut up. Any non-food items like plastic or rubber can also stop up your disposal. 

    To maintain your disposal and keep it healthy, throw some ice cubes in there and turn on the disposal every now and then. They break up easily and will help keep the blade sharp. Putting some citrus peel in the disposal can also help to keep smells away and keep your sink smelling fresh. 

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      Thank you this is very helpful. I am also wondering what impact putting all this kitchen waste into the disposal, has on the city’s water treatment costs. If we are trying to be green, wouldn’t it be better to compost tired fruits and veggies, and peelings. And better to put thick pizza crusts etc. in the trash? Thank you.

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