What is the Short-tailed Albatross?



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    The short-tailed albatross is an endagered bird. It is the largest and only albatross in the North Pacific that has a white body. It also has blue-ish feet and legs. It is thought to reside mostly in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, California, and Hawaii. 

    Here’s a picture: Albatross

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    The Short-Tailed Albatross is quite a quite little bird.  They have white bodies with gold heads and necks.  They typically range between 33-36 inches long and have a wingspan of 7 feet.  The Short-Tailed Albatross lives between 12 and 45 years.  It is estimated that there are only 2,200 of these birds today.  During the 19th century, more than million were hunted and killed.  

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