What shoe company is the best for the environment?



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    It’s hard to say who is the BEST, but a lot of eco-friendly companies do their best to use reclaimed or recycled materials and minimize packing.
    Simple Shoes makes a point of using all sorts of recycled materials, as well as donating a percentage of their profits to charities.

    Other companies pride themselves in making Vegan, or leather-free shoes.

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    Birkenstock is the best shoe brand company for the world. They make every shoe box out of recycles paper, and they make the shoes with less waste than other brands. All though they are not the only brand that is helping the enviornment but they do the most. 

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    There are so many options for the environmentally conscious fashionista.  A short list follows below:

    Beyond Skin and Olsenhaus use no leather in their shoes.  Both companies are also careful to use water soluble glues/cements and eco-savvy materials like cork and bamboo.  They also make creative use of recycled materials; Olsenhaus makes ballet flats from old TV screens.

    Naya makes shoes from chrome-free and vegetable-dyed leathers, cutting down on chemical waste.

    Aurora Shoe Company uses natural sky lights to illuminate their factories, and they recycle their cardboard for use in larger storage containers.  They are known to use minimal packaging for shipping their shoes as well as giving any leftover leather scraps to hardware stores or art programs.

    I’ve provided a link below with a few more examples of eco-friendly shoe companies.

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