What is shark oil used for?



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    The oil comes from the livers of sharks that live in cold and deep waters. It supposedly has healing properties against many ailments, though it is not proven scientifically to be effective. People in Bermuda use it to predict the weather by observing the appearance of the oil hung outside in bottles; the accuracy of this isn’t confirmed either. It is known to contain alkyglycerols, which may have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

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    Traditionally, shark liver oil was used by northern European countries as a “folk remedy for wounds and the flu.” Today, shark liver oil is believed to boost the immune system and to help fight cancer, due to it’s alkylglycerol and squalmine contents. Many people take it as a complement to their cancer treatments. Omega-3 acids and vitamin A are also found in shark oil, which are both important for the human body. It is also sometimes used as a moisturizing lip balm, and some have claimed that it helps with canker sores. Overall, most studies done to date have turned out to be inconclusive and have not really proven anything, but more meaningful human tests are under way.

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