What is the Self Balancing Electric Unicycle?



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    The SBU can blaze down the street at 8.5 MPH, and can go for 12 miles on a single charge. At 25 pounds, it can easily be carried to a charging station.

     The unicycle rider controls the vehicle’s speed by leaning forwards or backwards to go faster or stop. There are no pedals—only foot rests.

    Even balance-challenged riders can use the SBU. The vehicle stays upright using “accelerometers and gyroscopes with sophisticated balancing algorithms”. Riders will need to stay at least partially upright by themselves, though—the company says that the SBU is about half as difficult to ride as a regular unicycle.

    It’s made for people who don’t want to bother learning how to ride a real unicycle.

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    Now that the SBU 2.0 has been released, many improvements have been found.  Focus Designs, the creator of the SBU, claims that an average person can master riding one in about 20 minutes.  With three separate gyros for roll, pitch, and yaw the electric unicycle it is very responsive to controls and maintains the majority of balance by itself.  The new hub motor is boasting 1000 w of power and can climb most hills with ease.

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