What is the Seeding the City initiative?



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    Seeding the City is an art project by Eve S. Mosher. The Seeding the City website calls it a “large-scale public art project.”

    The art project promotes adding plants to every rooftop in cities, in an effort to make them more green and more beautiful.

    The project is currently being done in New York City. Anybody in NYC can participate and Seeding the City will assist those who want to add greenery to the roofs of their building.

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    To add to what is said above, Seeding the City is a project that not only promotes green spaces in the city, but also helps to foster relationships between neighbors and enhance community connections. An offshoot project was started in Washington DC. For this project, only a few people in different neighborhoods are initially given “green roof modules” to start their patches of green roofs. Once permission is received from landlords, the modules are installed and a small green flag is planted to identify the green space as part of the project. Then, the initial participants are asked to reach out to their neighbors in the community, and introduce two or three new people to the project. From there, the idea spreads and a visible web of community connections is created through the green spaces and flags of the project.

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