What is a sea pig?



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    According to wikipedia, sea pig can refer to at least 3 different things:  1) a specie of sea cucumber, 2) a type of dolphin or porpoise, 3) guinea pigs in countries such as Germany, Russia and Serbia.  The most common use seems to be referring to the first, the specie of sea cucumber.  It is a deep sea animal that resembles an inflated pink blob – not very attractive.

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    Sea pigs are scotoplanes or sea cucumbers, which live in the deep ocean floor. They look like slugs, are clear in color, have tentacles and tube feet, and grow to be 2-4 inches in length. They feed on mud and organic matter found at the very bottom of the ocean with the help of their tentacles, and reproduce deep down there in the ocean as well. Sea pigs are found in high numbers in oceans throughout the world, except for parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and in waters bordering Central and South America. As the article title below suggests, they are one of the ugliest and strange looking sea creatures known.

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