What school in the Mid- Atlantic region offers degrees in forestry



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    This link will give you a list of all Society of American Foresters (SAF) accredited college programs in the United States. There are a few choices for the Mid-Atlantic region.


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    Below is a list of the SAF-approved schools in the Mid-Atlantic states:

    *State University of New York: B.S. in Forest Resources Management

    *University of Maryland: B.S. in Natural Resource Sciences with specialization option in urban forestry.

    *Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: B.S. in Natural Resources with major in forestry and specialization option in urban forestry.

    *West Virginia University: B.S.F. with specialization options in forest management and forest science.

    *Pennsylvania State University: B.S. in Forest Science with major options in forest management, forest biology and urban forestry.

    *Paul Smith’s College: B.S. in Forestry with major options in ecological forest management, industrial forest operations and recreation resource management.

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