What is the scariest bug?



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    How to define the scariest bug all depends on the person. Some people might be more afraid of a cockroach over a spider or vice versa, whereas an airborne insect such as the Africanized honeybee will be scarier to some.

    The Giant waterbug is the largest insect of of the U.S. and Canada averaging about 4 inches in size. many consider these to be onwe of the scariest bugs.

    The Africanized honeybee is considered by others to be the scariest bug. These bees are known for swarming and attacking humans. When they decide to attack they do so in huge numbers and can be deadly.

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    Of course, it is a matter of opinion. To me, the scariest bug is the Japanese Giant Hornet! They are about two inches long and can be found in the mountains in Japan. They have a quarter inch stinger that injects their victim with venom with an enzyme strong enough to dissolve human tissue. One hornet can kill 40 European honeybees in just one minute.

    They do not usualy prey on humans but they can. Their sting has been described and compared to “like a hot nail through my leg,” by Masato Ono who has been unfortunate enough to have been stung by one. Someone who has been stung by these hornets and do not receive proper treatment can die and their flesh would be disintergrated by their venom. Each year approximately forty people die from their venomous sting. They are known to chase people as far as three miles  if extremely agitated. Humans are not their favorite targets. These hornets prefer honeybees. I read about these hornets a couple of months ago and I was shocked to find out how scary these hornets are.

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