What is Santa Cruz California doing to be green?



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    Santa Cruz takes pride in offering bicycle traffic school to their residents. Common thought is that too many cyclists get injured on the road, and more often than not it is the vehicle’s fault. This discourages people from using their bikes altogether. But the truth is, “bicyclists are at fault in at least half of all bike vs. vehicle accidents.” This program encourages people to get back on their bikes with renewed confidence. As we all know, getting on a bike is always greener than hopping on a car.

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    Santa Cruz has various environmental programs that they participate in. Some of their programs consist of a compost bin program, San Lorenzo Urban River Project and a Green Business Program along with many other programs.

    The compost bin program provides residents with a forty dollar incentive when they purchase a compost bin, worm bin or accessories from their website or one of their partner websites.

    The San Lorenzo Urban River project area covers the lower 2.2 miles of the river, from Highway 1 to the mouth of the river at Monterey Bay. The Lower San Lorenzo River and Lagoon Management Plan provides management and restoration recommendations for improving fish and wildlife habitat along the lower 3 miles of the River.

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