What is sanctuary city?



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    Sanctuary is a term used for cities, counties or states that defy the federal law relative to the government agencies that are required to assist the federal government with their illegal immigrants. Many governments have passed local policies ignoring the federal law, helping to protect illegal immigrants from being deported.

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    Maine, Alaska and Oregon are currently the only “sanctuary states” in the United States, but there are several states that have one or more major cities that are considered sanctuary cities. Almost half of the United States (24 states) have no cities with sanctuary status.

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    It is a term used for any city in the United States that protects illegal immigrants even in violation of federal immigration laws.  Some cities, such as Phoenix, AZ, are no longer sanctuary cities due to many issues that people feel are directly related to the number of illegal immigrants residing in that state.  Also changing politics and realtionships in some states have changed what formerly may have been a sanctuary city.

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