What is San Francisco’s ocean film festival all about?



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    Good question, delilahjones.  The San Francisco Ocean Film Festival is a non-profit, volunteer organization that is dedicated to increase awareness of the environment through the use of film.  To read more about what they are all about, visit their website here.

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    San Francisco’s ocean film festival is about celebrating the sea and increasing our awareness of the oceans around us through film.  Films can be about various themes such as the beauties and mysteries of the ocean, saltwater sports, exploration of coastal cultures, etc.  These films hopes to increase public understanding of this vital ecosystem.

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    The San Francisco Ocean Film Festival is a non-profit organization that works to increase the public’s awareness of the ocean, marine life, etc. around them and to find an appreciation for it.  It has become a main venue for films that have a basic theme of the oceans in North America.  It will ring in its 7th year in 2010 and will hopefully continue on to bring us wonderful films with the same great theme.

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