What is San Francisco doing to become a green city?



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    San Francisco has done and is doing much to be a green city. Some things San Francisco has done is devoted over 17% of the city to parks and green spaces; been a leader in “green building,” with more than 70 projects registered under the United States Green Building Council LEED certification system; banned non-recyclable plastic bags and plastic kid’s toys laced with harmful chemicals; and in 2001, city voter’s approved a $100 million dollar bond initiative to finance solar panels and wind turbines for public facilities. 

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    San Francisco sits amongst the top cities listed as being green in the United States.  One reason is that they’re serious about their recycling.  With a system of three bins, one for compostables, one for garbage and one for recyclables, residents are required to use this system and by doing so are keeping up to 77% of previously discarded (but recyclable) materials out of landfills and in the place where they belong, the recycle center.  The city’s director of climate protection initiatives, Johanna Partin boasts that they “even recycle batteries” giving clients an easy to get rid of them.  They just have to place them in a clear plastic bag on top of any of their three bins.

    Although the recycling program was only launched in 2009, it has had great success so far and Partin thinks that the city’ll easily surpass 90% (of previously discarded items now being recycled or composted) in coming years.  Residents love the ease of the program and the ability to help the environment in such a simple but important way. 

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