What is the Salton Sea, and why should we save it (or not)?



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    The Salton Sea is a wetland in California that teems with life. It is home to hundreds of species of birds and is perhaps the most prolific fishery in the world. Considering that 90% of California’s wetlands have been destroyed, it is essential to keep this one in good condition for all the many species who call it home.

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    The Salton Sea is the largest lake in California by surface area at 376 square miles. It is located in southeastern California in the Colorado Desert region. What makes the lake worth saving is how unique a habitat it is. With its high salt content and high-nutrient water system, the lake attracts a wide and diverse wildlife. Hundreds of bird species visit or live in the lake, including over 80 percent of the US population of some bird species such as the eared grebe and American white pelican. The Salton Sea is also important to restore and preserve as a wetland habitat in a fragile desert ecosystem, as over 90% of California wetland areas have already been damaged or destroyed.

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