what is an sailfish?



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    The sailfish is the fastest fish in the ocean. They can reach speeds of 68 miles per hour. They grow to be between 5.7 and 11 feet long and travel in schools. Here is a picture from the National Geographic website. 


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    Sailfish are reconizable by their sword-like upper jaw and their long dorsal fin that extends almost the length of their body. They are billfish, like swordfish and marlins, and are blue or grey with a white underbelly. Sailfish are quite large – anywhere between 5.7 and 11 feet long and weigh 120 to 220 pounds. They are also the fastest fish in the ocean, with a top speed of 68 mph! Their range includes the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, centered around the equator. Their diet consists of sardines, anchovies, squid, and octopus. 

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