What is the safest,greenest cat litter I can use?



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    THere are a number of eco-friendly cat litters out there, but what’s equally as important is knowing what to avoid. Clay cat litters have been proven to be dangerous to both pets and people for 3 reasons:

    1. The clay it uses is strip mined (which is bad for the earth)

    2. The dust that comes up every time you open/empty a bag is silica dust, which is listed as a carcinogen, and is bad for both you and your cat

    3. The sodium bentonite used as a clumping agent in many cat litters can cause indigestion in your cat. Because of cats’ need to groom themselves, they often ingest some of this sodium bentonite and it can cause anything from indigestion to a complete blockage of their system. 

    Flushable litters also remain controversial because cat feces contain Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that, when concentrated in sea creatures when it enters the ocean, is deadly to many animals, including sea otters. 

    With those guidelines in mind, some of the most recommended eco-friendly brands are Swheat Scoop, Feline Pine, and The World’s Best Cat Litter. Hope this helps!

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    I’d just like to chime in and say Swheat Scoop is awesome.

    We have two cats and have been using the multi-cat formula for about 6 months. 

    Even though it can be flushed, we do not.  I worry about toxoplasmosis in the water.

    This stuff clumps really well, and I spoke to a representative once who told me that if you scoop out all of the solids and pee clumps, you can actually take the clean litter that remains, and put it in your compost bin when you do those big box cleanings  and change 100% of the litter.  Considering the top three landfill items consist of diapers, feminine sanitary products, and cat litter, I’d say anything to keep it out of there is a bonus.

    Clay litter ruins the earth because of the way the clay is mined.  It ruins the landscape.  Swheat Scoop is made from wheat so it is renewable.

    Besides all that, we never have cat box odors like we did with clay.  No matter how clean I tried to keep the box, with clay, it always got really stinky after 2 or 3 weeks.  This wheat litter doesn’t get gross and stinky like that beause the enzymes in the wheat help break down the cat’s waste.

    Also, if you have a dog that tries to eat the cat box prizes, clay litter will cause blockage in the intestines, which can result in surgery to have it removed.  With the wheat litter, it will pass right through.  The dog may get gassy and uncomfortable, but it will pass through—-according to the Sweat Scoop rep. 

    If you write to the company they will send you coupons.

    They put tickets in each bag of litter.  Collect these tickets, and when you get 12, send them in, and they will mail you a voucher to get a free bag.

    Can you tell I’m a big Swheat Scoop fan?  It’s really great.  It costs more to get it rolling, but you don’t have to do those huge changing of the litter jobs as frequently, so in that way, the cost of the litter balances out.

    Plus, if you sign up for Petsmart newsletters, every now and again, they will send a $5 off total purchase with no purchase minimum, and this can be used to save money on the liter, too.

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