What ‘s the best way to plan a green wedding?



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    I’m not sure I can tell you the BEST way to plan a green wedding, but their are many options available to make your wedding more environmentally friendly.  First, all of your invitations and cards can be printed on 100% recycled paper, and this still allows for more paper options than one would believe.  As for wedding favors, why not support a local artisan and buy organic plants for your guests.  The same goes for choosing a florist, buy local and organic flowers instead of flowers grown with pesticides and shipped long distances.  Also, your wedding attire should be pre-worn.  Buy your attire from a vintage shop or re-use your parents’ wedding attire.

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    Well, where to start? Lots of food to be drank, lots of alcohol? Many flowers to be purchased, and fabrics/materials used to decorate as well. I think one of the most fundamentally green ways to approach such an event is by focusing on buying local. Buying local reduces fuel use and CO2 emissions and its simply ecologically sound. Try to focus on local produce and buy from smaller companies as smaller, local companies tend to be better for the environment simply based on their scale. As far as food, fabric, and flowers, try to go with organic or eco-friendly companies. Lots of invitations and thank you cards will be sent, so try to go with recycled paper products. I think outside weddings are beautiful because they are naturally lit and use the outside world’s beauty- instead of lots of plastic and paper- as decoration.

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    Regardless of how you choose to decorate and dress your wedding, you can make a huge impact on its footprint by giving some thought to the guest list – a) every guest means more CO2, more waste, etc. and b) a central location saves a lot of waste, as well as helping out your guests.  Keep your guest list small, and try your best to hold your wedding at a location convenient for everyone invited.

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    You can also help by getting your dress and accessories at a thrift store. It’s always better to buy used than new when you are trying to take the environment into consideration. 

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