What is rotary engine technology?



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    A rotary engine is an internal combustion engine, like the one you have in your car, but it works completely differently than a conventional piston engine.  Also known as a Wankel engine, named after Dr. Felix Wankel, the rotary engine does have some benefits.  There are less moving parts, only 3 moving parts in a 2-stroke engine versus over 40 moving parts in a 2-stoke piston engine.  All the moving parts in a rotary engine move consistently in one direction, as opposed to a piston engine in which the pistols move back and forth.  The problem with this technology is that rotary engines produce more pollution and consume more fuel than piston engines.

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    Another big issue with the engine is that it does have a high rate of failure.  Mazda actually released a statement on the matter.  Rotary Engines are very wasteful and failure prone, which is not good for people or the environment.

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