What is the role of rhinos in food chains?



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    The rhinoceros is a herbivore, and relies primarily on grass for nutrition. However, rhinos also dig up mineral salts from the ground with their horns, and have been found eating soil. They have no natural predators, but sometimes fleas and ticks go on the rhino’s skin (which is why rhinos wallow in mud). The tick bird eats the ticks from the rhino. Yet, despite their seemingly small role in the foodchain, rhinos play a significant role in their ecosystem. They make paths for other animals when they crash through dense brush. Their dung enriches the soil and contains seeds for germination. Additionally, when they dig, they create pools of water benefitting frogs and insects.

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    Like other herbivores, rhinos are primary consumers. The energy level is still high at this stage. On the other hand, rhinos contribute to the economy. Their presence in zoos and parks are highly cherished. Insects and other pests also benefit from rhinos as they feed on their massive bodies.

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