What is the role of the neocortex in memory?



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    The neocortex makes up most of the cerebrum in the brain. It is only found in evolved mammals, and is associated with advanced information processing (humans, primates, dolphins, etc.). Memory is considered one such process, and is thus associated with the neocortex.

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    The neocortex allows humans to take in sensory information and create conscious thought, as well as defining motor skills necessary for interaction with their environment. This means it is somewhat of a “lens” through which memory works through, allowing humans to process sensations and consider the things they have experienced around them. Not surprisingly, the neocortex is most highly associated with working memory, which is a form of short-term memory that allows people to process things on the fly and interact. Human neocortex structure implies a very complex set of interactions, which may be partially responsible for social behaviors as well.

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