What is role of green fuels in the automobile industry?



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    Though gasoline remains the major fuel in the automobile industry, alternative fuels are in demand, and many cars are now being designed with green fuels in mind. Hydrogen, biofuel, and electricity are being looked at as viable options for automobiles. In fact, some electric and hybrid (combination of conventional internal combustion system with an electric combustion system) have even been named cars of the year. Alternative fuel cars are also growing popular, and cheaper to maintain. So overall, while the auto industry still relies on fossil fuels, we are beginning to transition to green fuel sources.

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    Green, or alternative, fuels are playing an increasingly important role in the automobile industry because of a desire on the part of consumers to both reduce the environmental impact of owning and driving vehicles, as well as reduce dependence on oil that often comes from foreign countries and can jeopardize our economy. Spreading out the fuel sources we depend on to get places makes good sense, especially when the fuel we depend on now is non-renewable and has likely already reached its peak.

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