what role does a rhino play in the food chain



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    Rhinos are not hunted by any other animals (except humans). Rhinos are herbivores, meaning the exclusively eat plants and other vegetable matter. There are five species of rhino, each of which eat slightly different plant material:

    -White rhino: short, low energy grasses like pennisetum, panicum maximum, and digiteria
    -Black rhino: small acacia trees, euphorbias, and other woody species
    -Indian rhino: grasses, leaves, fruits, branches, and occasionally cultivated crops
    -Sumatran rhino: leaves, twigs, vines, small shrubs, and fruits
    -Javan rhino: shoots, twigs, young foliage, fallen fruit, and branches from saplings

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    As the previous answer indicates, rhinos are seldom preyed upon by other organisms due to their sheer size and power. However baby rhinos do occasionally fall victim to carnivorous predators, but again this is rare. This means that rhinos are the primary consumers in the food chain and are the top of their food chain.

    Also, just for your information, as one moves up the food chain (or across different trophic levels), the amount of biomass and energy transferred is only about 10% of its predecessor. So for the rhino, it would 10% of the energy as was present in the grasses/plants that it grazed on. If were were looking at a different food chain with secondary consumer (such as a lion feeding on an impala feeding on plants), the secondary consumer would only have 1% of the energy level as that of the initial producer. That was not necessarily relevant to your question, but regardless I just thought it was interesting to share.

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