What role does the media play in wildlife conservation?



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    It often takes public outrage to put change into effect. The media can alert the public to poaching, habitat destruction, illegal trapping, etc., and the public can then exert pressure on governments to enact laws or regulations to attempt to solve the problem. This is especially important in places like China where the public is often kept in the dark by the government. A concerned public will also increase its donations to organizations like World Wildlife Fund and more local groups, which of course also aids wildlife conservation.

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    The media relays symbols to the general public. For example, the polar bear is not the most threatened animal in the world, nor is it the only animal impacted by climate change, but it is frequently used in visual mediums to appeal to people. Disseminating information about threatened species and salient issues pertaining to wildlife conservation is much easier when done through an effective media outlet. In modern times, the ascent of social media has made it easier for wildlife organizations to promote their cause and articulate their mission. In any case, the media shapes how individuals feel and what they are exposed to – increasing exposure to an issue usually yields positive results in terms of interest, and hopefully, action.

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