What role does the environment play in preventing major chronic illness such as respiratory diseases and cancers?



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    The environment (if left alone)can provide all the things you would need to feed your body right with to prevent any illness like cancer the number 1 reason cancer and other diseaseses our on the rise is the way people treat there body not working out, eating fast food full of grease hamburgers made up of cloned meat(FDA APPROVED THE SELLING OF THIS)whitch is pumped up full of chemicals are body rejects and our body works 100 times harder to process these things soda,candy come on if you treat your body right your success of not ending up with respiratory disease or cancer are going to be better, then there is the pollution in the air we breath everyday that, not even the healthiest of people can avoid so I recommend to buy an island and breath as much fresh air as you can because as long as we are run by “The Goverment “, we are all doomed anyway Peace Love Herb 

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